Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Nights

Summer nights are wonderful, because they are so long and light. 
I can be sat on my bed, reading my book, around 9pm and have no need to turn on the harsh light that hangs in the centre of my room, because the sun still gently washes my room with orangey-grey rays. This evening glow makes me feel peaceful, and when the sun finally fades away and the sky turns black, I feel suitably dreamy and decide to get under the duvet and sleep.

But wait. It's a summer night. This isn't any ordinary night.

Under the duvet, I'm being cooked in an oven of snuggly softness. So, the duvet finds itself in a heap at the end of my bed, kicked back in an effort to cool down.

It's still too hot.

Time to fling open the window - or in my case, cleverly balance the hooks between my elbow and wrist, then push. The window lethargically swooshes out in to the air and I'm left in a tangle of wind, curtains and my own hair.

For a few minutes, I lie in bed again, thankful for the breeze blowing in to my room. My body cools down and I'm moments away from sleep when...


A fluttering sound whizzes past my ears and something feather-like skids past my cheek. Great. Time to get up, turn on my light, and hunt this furry butterfly down.

After an intense chasing game around my room (which is only about 3ft wide), the moth finally lands where I can reach it. I grab a mug that I really should have taken to the kitchen during the day and trap the moth inside.

Oh dear, I didn't think this through. How do I get the moth from the wall, to the outside?

So, now comes the menoeuvre of reaching for a bit of paper from my desk, whilst simultaneously holding the mug against the wall. I'm no gymnast, but this trick is rather impressive.

Wiggle the paper under the mug... ta-da! Now you can remove the moth from the premises. With a shake, out the window the moth goes. A rather traumatic experience for Mr.Moth I'm sure, but I can't sleep with something so fluffy and flappy taking adventures round my room. 

Now comes the dilemma... do I leave the window open to let in a cool breeze, but also some unwanted guests? Or do I trap the moths outside, but endure a stuffy hot room tonight?

What would you do? I haven't quite decided yet.

This Abigail

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