Sunday, 13 July 2014

The World Cup final is over, and the distraught Argentina players flickering on and off the TV screen is rather distracting me from writing this post. I've never been an avid football fan, but this year I have quite enjoyed the World Cup; it's the atmosphere, the banter on twitter, the unnecessary buying of crisps and dips simply because we are going to watch the football. Watching the World Cup causes various conversation topics to pop up, from the football itself, to "Abigail, you should write a blog!" 

So, here we are!
It's quite exciting as I have always enjoyed writing, and often find my hands itching to write something constructive. I love writing so much that I am going to university to study English and American Literature and Creative Writing BA (it's quite a mouthful!) in September. 

Thanks to Peter, the only neighbour I've ever become actual friends with, for helping me set this blog up, along with a MailChimp-thingy so that if you want to be alerted every time I write on this blog, you can be! If you would like to follow Peter's blog, go here....

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