Monday, 15 September 2014


Christenings are like buses, you wait years without going to one, and suddenly two come along at once!

Ok, so maybe this isn't true for most people, but on the 7th of September Isaac John Newton Prescott was christened (son of my awesome neighbours) and on the 14th of September, Shannon Julie Saunders was Christened, along with her baby sister Faith (daughters of my cousin).

It was in early August that my cousin Carrie asked me to be godmother to Shannon, and I got extremely excited! What an honour to be asked to fill such an important role! I began to research what being a godparent entails and what would be expected of me.
A lot of what I found said it is important to pray for your godchild, and I was very excited for that! Another person to pray for can never be bad. Secondly, people were saying it's important to be around in their life, giving them encouragement, another adult figure aside from their parents. Also very exciting!

After reading lots of articles I came to the conclusion that I wanted to buy Shannon her own cross, as a reminder of God's love for her. I trawled the internet, looked through shops in town, but I couldn't find what I wanted. As it turned out, the perfect cross was all the way in Greece!
Whilst on holiday during late August, I came across a lovely Greek shop which sold, among other things, hand-made crosses.

There it was, in the centre of a glass cabinet, the perfect cross. A beautiful silver cross, unique in that it looked as if it had been made out of ribbon and tied in to a cross-shaped bow. This was perfect. I feel it is so important to have little reminders in our lives of how much God loves us, and of course, the ultimate symbol of love and sacrifice is the cross. I have my own beautiful cross, given to me by my Granny. I hope Shannon get's as much joy out of her cross as I do out of mine.

At Isaac's christening, I sat in the church watching all his five - yes, five (lucky boy!) - godparent's promise to help bring Isaac up in the Christian faith. It was so exciting to watch, knowing that Isaac was going to have so many people looking out for him and praying for him, but also knowing that the next week I would be making those same promises!

So, the day of Shannon's christening came! I felt very funny standing at the front with all the other godparents, and because the church was quite cold my hands were shivering, so I must have looked daft. It was fun responding to the minister's questions, promising to pray for Shannon and to help to teach her about Jesus. When Shannon was being baptized with water, she giggled a lot, and I thought that was great - she was enjoying this! I am so excited to pray for Shannon as her new godmother, and see what God has in store for her!

At the end of the service, all the godparents were given little cards which told us our responsibilities as godparents, which I now have tucked away in a notebook, ready to go on my wall at university as a reminder of the important job I have been given! (Plus, it's pink and anything pink is good in my book)

Card given to me as a new godmother

Overall, a lovely couple of christenings!

The excitement doesn't stop either... on the 20th I am moving to The University of Kent and who knows what adventures God will bring my way...?

This Abigail

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